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Visitor Control
Whether it’s a contractor needing access to make repairs, or a neighbor needing to borrow something, you can remotely unlock your home or open the garage door, eliminating the need to leave an extra key behind. You can also arm and disarm your security system when letting anyone inside your home.
Top Notch Home Security
A professionally monitored smart home system immediately alerts both you and the monitoring center in the case of unwanted intrusion. You can also use indoor and outdoor cameras to view your property anytime, from anywhere. In addition to protecting against home invasion, smart home systems equipped with flood sensors and smoke detectors provide another layer of protection and will trigger an alert in case of flood or fire.
Energy savings
Vivint’s smart home assistant Sky recognizes when you’re on vacation and automatically manages your home’s energy usage. Sky will adjust the temperature to conserve energy while you are gone and will ensure an optimal temperature when you return.
People are raving about Vivint Home Security
'Vivint is wonderful'
"Vivint is wonderful! Messages are sent if there is something I need to know. 
Customer service is helpful and friendly. What can I say - I've only had positive 
interactions with Vivint. Oh and I love being able to manage lights, 
air and heat away from home."
-Rise Hayes
'I have been very pleased'
I have been very pleased with the operation of my security system and when something does go wrong the immediate response by the people at the headquarter office it is been very very well received and I have encouraged other people including my own son in the state of Washington to go with the Vivint
-Ron Nierstheimer
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House Fire alarm system keeps Gracias Family safe.
Vivint Burglar system alerts this Arkansas Family of house break in
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